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The Arise to Serve Arts and Virtues Program is a successful model of people diligently working together to effect positive social change in their communities. The name, Arise to Serve, was chosen to reflect our mission of 'arising to serve' and contributing to our communities and helping to improve the quality of life of its families.


Arise to Serve participants are from all economic, religious and ethnically diverse populations. We believe that 'the earth is one country and mankind its citizens' and therefore work for social unity.


The Arise to Serve program is the result of the success of Project 99, a grassroot arts, social and economic development project that was founded in 1997 to serve children and young adults in the cities along Highway 99 in California's Central Valley.  Arise To Serve later expanded to the communities of Oceanside, Vista and most recently Escondido, in Southern California.


Whether young people live in conditions of wealth or poverty, their world is laden with moral danger. Youth and children are the most precious resource of any community or nation and the quality of their physical, spiritual and emotional life is being constantly threatened. Conditions such as human trafficking, destructive and divisive behavior, violence, social dislocation or alienation from parents, family and community are not confined to any race, class, nation or any economic condition - it cuts across all lines. The resulting emotional and psychological damage alienates them and is often irreparable.


These are matters of urgent concern and need to be addressed by a sustained effort of the entire community to promote the interests of our children and youth striving towards a better future.  Arise to Serve was formed to address many of these issues by working with families and encouraging and assisting participants to make positive changes in their lives, instilling positive values and supporting positive choices which in turn influence their families and their communities.


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825 College Blvd #102-438

Oceanside, CA 92057
(760) 521-8681


Arise to Serve

1835-A S. Center City Parkway #318

Escondido, CA 92025

(760) 521-8681

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